28th July Educational Call

24 July 2022

We’re proud to release the agenda for this week’s educational call.

We’ve got some amazing content this week from the practical side of training the what bloods should or shouldn’t be doing, coupled with what to expect during, pre, and post training. We also have more of the psychological content of what makes up our belief systems and how we can go about changing them to improve our lives, both from an exercise and diabetes point of view.

We round the call off each week with our one good one better. Focusing on one thing we’ve done well in the previous week, and one thing we want to focus on for the next week. Small goals are available and this helps break them down…

This call will be short and snappy, and each call will have varying content from different people on some amazing and insightful topics taken from the likes of Team Novo Nordisk training camps.

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