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Team Type One Style is the UK's first and only registered cycling, running and triathlon teams to be made up entirely of athletes living, competing and thriving with type one diabetes.


A free to all, thriving WhatsApp based community with over 250 active members across a wide range of sports sharing knowledge and understanding


100% free to access education and inspiration via multiple weekly video calls courses and calls to help with diabetes management both on and off the bike...


Together we achieve so much more... by creating this community, we continue to inspire one another to better ourselves and aim higher !

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What we do !

Monday's Mindset Call

A weekly call focused on mentality and mindset surrounding both exercise, training and diabetes management.

Tuesday's S&C

A weekly strength and conditioning class delivered virtually by our lead ambassador and trained triathlon S&C coach, Wendy Frost

Wednesday's Zwift

A 10 miles / 16.1km time trial open to everyone hosted on Zwift every week. This event is about challenging yourself whilst creating a consistent event for you to test and fine-tune diabetes management techniques around.

Thursday's "The One Call"

If there is one call to be on, it's this one, every week we hold a virtual call where we cover education and inspiration, from sports scientists through to pro athletes.

Friday's Zwift

A weekly ride around 1 hour long with the rubber band enabled to keep all abilities together. This is a great environment where pros train alongside beginners whilst chatting and sharing tips on training with type 1

Monthly Meet-Ups

Every month, we are holding in-person meetups to allow this amazing national team to meet up in the flesh.

WhatsApp Group

Are you a T1 Warrior? Contact us to join our 250+ type one specific multi-sport team, and it's community WhatsApp group

The Podcast

Our high value calls are wrapped up as a podcast to make them easily accessible to all inside and outside of our community

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From Our Athletes

“Exciting stuff coming through the pipe line this year I can’t wait to share with us all”

“I can’t wait to get stuck in and share my knowledge and passion for diabetes and cycling, and learn from those with as much to give as I have…”

“Cannot thank you guys enough for all the hard work you are doing. You’re making a massive difference to the Type 1 community and making strides into uncharted territory. From being diagnosed some 5 months ago, I am genuinely not sure where I would be without this group and I also owe the progress I am seeing already to all of your incredible work.
Thank you!!”

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