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Nightscout (CGM in the Cloud) is an open source, DIY project that allows real time access to a CGM data via personal website, smartwatch viewers, or apps and widgets available for smartphones.


AAPS - AndroidAPS

AndroidAPS is an open source app for people living with insulin-dependent diabetes that acts as an artificial pancreas system (APS) on Google Android smartphones. The main components are different openAPS software algorithms which aim to do what a living pancreas does: keeping blood sugar levels within healthy limits by using automated insulin dosing (AID). Additionally, you need at least a supported and FDA/CE approved insulin pump and continuous glucose meter.



Loop is an app you build and load on an iPhone (or iPod).

After building the Loop app:

  • You enter your personal therapy settings (e.g., carbohydrate ratio, basal rates, insulin sensitivity)
  • You enter the carbs you eat
  • Loop uses this information, your insulin on board (IOB) and glucose data, to determine how much insulin you need to bring your blood glucose within the target range you set
  • You can choose to have Loop automatically control insulin dosing (closed-loop mode) or have Loop recommend insulin that you can accept or modify (open-loop mode)


Glucose / CGM Displays

Floating Glucose

A .net project that displays your current glucose values in a floating popup on your windows desktop



Autotune Web

Autotune is a system that recommends changes to your basal rate, insulin:carb ratio and insulin sensitivity factor based on the data recorded in Nightscout.


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